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Water boatman has now been awarded a patent.


It will allow fresh water to be made using the sun, wind or water curents. Please contact me if you would like more information re a Joint Venture or investing.


Fresh water – from sea water or polluted water powered by the currents or the wind. > Waterboatman.com.au


This simple prototype thermal still last week made fresh water at the rate of 500 litres a day. The target is a ton-a-day: 1000 litres a day.


It is planned to have it mounted on barges, heated by a water brake, driven by a water turbine under the barge.


Can you help by saying:


1 What amount of water you need?
2 Roughly which district you are in & what country?

3 How fast is the water flow?

4 Would youu prefer water or wind power?



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Water boatman


Pure fresh water - free from the sea or dirty water.

Using a simple - easily assembled thermal still,

Powered by a liquid friction heater - driven by a small water turbine by the currents.

 - no filters, no chemicals leading to a very long life, with occassional cleaning.

Please contact us if you are interested.

> www.waterboatman.com.au




Having recently visited Kathmandu - & witnesed the quickly worsening water situation there - we are now switching our focus onto simple thermal desal units - powered by water turbines. Again of the vartical type.

The stills will probably be despatched in kit form for local assembly at the destination.

4,000 children will finally die today around the world – from drinking dirty water a week ago.
Of the 7bn of us, 80% live within 20 miles of the sea – 5.6bn
WATERAID has estimated that in 14 years time – half the world’s population will be facing shortage of water – 2.8bn of those
At the Bangladeshi rate of 4L/d each, humanity will need 11.2 billion litres/d of clean water – around the world, in 14 years time.
13,080 desal plants worldwide today make 45 billion L/d but mainly in places like Saudi Arabia & Australia where people use 150 L/d ea.
A solution is very large numbers of low cost locally made units powered by renewables..our stills can be made by the semi-skilled.

CO2           H2O
2 much     2 little

Act now before its - 2 late !!

Be in a position to gain from Carbon Credits, when they come. Power the desal, pumping, heating etc - from the wind & the water currents

We have solutions. I shall be visiting Kathmandu next month & would welcome the opportunity to discuss WindWater. Pl contact me. Charlie

contact www.windways.com.au

 "Fresh water

 For Free

 From the Sea"

F R E S H  W A T E R  F R OM  T H E  S E A  - W I T H O U T  T H E  U S E  O F  F U E L  O R  E L E C T R I T Y

Thermal desalination units

  • Without filters
  • with no moving parts
  • no chemicals
  • with a life of 20 years with occasional cleaning
  • to be powered by the wind
  • &/or water turbiines

"If all the water in the world could be put in a 1 gallon bucket - the amount of drinking water available would fit into one table spoon."

How much do you use?
How can we help?

4,000 children finally die exhausted each day from foul water they drank a week ago. While 8 out of 10 of them - worldwide, lived within 30 km of the sea.

There is another way - "Target 4000". We are forming a not-for-profit association of companies to drive that number down. Australian farmers and vineyards are increasingly struggling with salinity, some are starting to purify their bores by running expensive, energy hungry desalination equipment. The middle East has relied on desalination for fresh water for years. More than a billion people in developing countries still don't have access to safe drinking water.

WindWays PL is a South Australian company established to develop and market six related products driven by wind &/or water turbines. Windways is responding to the growing demands for renewable energy and clean water and reductions in emmissions.

WindWays PL has been established to develop and market 6 related products driven by wind&/or water turbines to save CO2 up to 4,000 kW, using the energy of the wind &/or water currents to:

1. generate fresh water from salt water, or dirty water - WindWater

2. aerate sewage or waste water or reduce it - WindAir

3. grow biofuel from algae in tanks - WindOil

4. provide heating, for example in lighthouses & greenhouses in the north.- WindHeater

5. make electricity - WindElectric

6. pumpwater or oil. - WindPump

7. or combinations of these, all of which will reap carbon credits by replacing the use of electricity or fuel.

Joint Venture partnerships are sought.

More views - especially re climate change are an a talk on Design I gave which is on www.unitariansa.com