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02-21-2012 , Water

If “The Olympic Dam uranium … could power the entire planet for thousands of years with no emissions”


Surely that has to be the way to go – given complete contracts only are sold in exchange for currency or direct exchange. Those contracts to go from initial survey for site long term suitability, the use only of best available technology to the final safe storage of waste in remote northern South Australia. By staff only of Australian Nationals – with a uniform based on the Australian flag, with their name & company number in clear inch high letters on the front and back. Each known to be constantly tracked by GPS.


Meanwhile, while 80% of people live within 30 km of the sea, 60% are not connected to the grid. There is probably not enough copper to do so anyway. And everyone needs fresh water every day. So I will carry on with SolarWater below, to distill fresh water from polluted or salty water – powered just by the sun.



06-04-2011 , Fresh Water


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