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Sir Charles Madden
Bt BSc MTech MBA
79 Birksgate Dr, Urrbrae SA 5064
T: (+61) 0433 565 039

Product Range!!

WindWays is a South Australian company established to develop and market six related products driven by a range of vertical axis wind turbines:

  • WindWater – Each unit creating up to 10,000 litres a day of clean fresh water from salt or contaminated water.

  • Water Boatman - Is the floating WindWater product for desalinating sea water.
  • WindOil – Biofuel 'algoil' can be harvested from algae grown in the four one ton ballast tanks.

  • WindHeater - Wind powered heaters working with liquid friction to provide up to 13 kw heating in the form of hot water for remote applications like light houses, mushroom growers etc.

  • WindAir - Aeration of waste water, pig slurry, sewage, etc is needed to speed up breakdown of biological wastes by microbial action. This is currently powered by electric motors, using increasingly costly electricity.

  • WindPump – A range of wind driven centrifugal pumps.

  • WindElectric - Generate up to 13kW of electricity in either DC or AC.

Combinations of these are also possible. All products will reduce carbon emissions by replacing the use of electricity from the grid or diesel fuel.