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Sir Charles Madden
Bt BSc MTech MBA
79 Birksgate Dr, Urrbrae SA 5064
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Manufacturer Sought

    Our test rig thermal desalination unit made its first water last

    It is a compromise, since until we get some more funding we can't
    make the parallel plate condenser in wettable plastic - which is    our plan.

    But it did show that a desal unit is possible:
  • 		With no moving parts
  • No chemicals
  • without filters
  • with a life of 20 years with occasional cleaning
  • to be powered by the wind &/or water turbines - which also have a 20 year fatigue life

Would your company be interested in a  limited partnership with WindWater PL?  Sole manufacturing rights to be with the manufactruring company - in exchang for the funds and engineering manpower to get these products tro market.

6 patents are applied -for.

Incidentally our website below has a blue button on the front page and if you click on that you can see it is getting attention from all over the world - incl the US, Oz, China & Canada last week.

Please contact us for a Business Plan if you are interested.


WindWater is built around a polypropylene parallel plate heat exchanger/ condenser. This is made from roll, on the above machine. It uses this material because it can be operated at up to 130C , well outside its operating temperature.

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