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Australian farmers and vineyards are increasingly struggling with salinity, some are starting to purify their bores by running expensive, energy hungry desalination equipment. The middle East has relied on desalination for fresh water for years. More than a billion people in developing countries still don't have access to safe drinking water.

The land-based WindWater units need no foundations, but are placed on rthe ground and held up by 4 tons of water ballast - which can be brine - in the white tanks you can see in the photo. Hence - if it is found to be in the wrong place or has been sold, it can be moved by one suitably equipped person.

"The next World War will be over water" Ismail Serageldin, Former World Bank Vice President.

WindWays is the brainchild of Sir Charles Madden and the culmination of years work researching the performance and applications of wind turbines. In coming years as water scarcity reaches crisis proportions, WindWays can offer cost effective and sustainable off-the-grid solutions.

For investment opportunities, Joint Venture suggestions or more information contact: charlie.madden@internode.on.net


"The wind water water boatman is based on a barge moored in good onshore offshore breezes, and fast-moving water. the 17 m dia wind turbines aloft, catches the wind similar 1 m dia water turbine beneath the hull is powered by the current.The two turbines drive the thermal desalination unit by a transmission which can accept power from either of turbines, leaving the other one freewheeling and and not absorbing power.

The fresh water is stored in a hull, to be collected as required, pumped ashore all  the barge brought into harbour.

Mounted in the bow of the barge is a small turbine, to measure the speed of the wind, and to provide power to be stored in a super capacitor.when the turbine detects the wind is strong enough, and there is enough power stored in the super capacitor, it will release the power to the starter motor. When a turbine is up to speed, the starter motor becomes an alternator to power the heaters in the sump to manufacture  the vapour.

The intelligent turbine unit will also relays running time is back to base, so it is known when the barge is full."