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Sir Charles Madden
Bt BSc MTech MBA
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WindWater land based

I came here in 2003  to make desalination versions of the wind powered heater shown here running in Scotland:
The first version built here, had a 2 bladed carbon fibre rotor  started by a savonius turbine driving a joule heated desal unit in the base in polycarbonate.

We have subsequently had the rotor life proven beyond 20 years by finite element analysis. And are now  proving a plastics still run on DC heaters – the power to be made by a squirrel cage starter/ dynamo.

A future plan is to power the thermal still with wind and water turbines and collect the pure water in their hulls. The hypersaline being returned to the deep water as solar evaporation does. Many enquiries received worldwide.

Water Boatman - sea based wind &/or water current powered

Plastics Still

Output: 5,000 litres per day - ~ 600,000 Litres per day. The company is foreseen to grow to the sales of wind powered desal units of $A 15M in 5 years.

Meanwhile the effects of climate change have become more noticeable. To reduce the emissions put out by diesel motors and the power stations that power the grid here, the following are being considered:

Vertical axis turbines can bring their power to the ground with a rotating shaft. So pumps, compressors, heaters etc can be driven – emissions free – with the power of the wind & or the water currents..

WindWays, a dealer for Four Seasons turbines, has been established to develop and market other related products driven by wind & water turbines up to 4,000 kW, using the energy of the wind, the tides or river currents to:

1  generate fresh water from salt water, or dirty water
2  Aerate sewage or waste water or reduce it
3  provide heat, for example in lighthouses & greenhouses in cold climates.
4  Pump water or oil.
5  Compress air for air powered factory vehicles etc
6  make biodiesel from algae grown in the ballast tanks    
7  Make electricity
-    or combinations of these, all of which will reap carbon credits by replacing the use of electricity or fuel.

The turnover of WindWays PL is forecast to be $50M in 5 years. Business plans are available.

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